About Us

Malili’s inspiration comes from her artistic sensitivity, innovative personality and stylish eye. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of sophistication, elegance and gracefulness. Her designs have caught the eye of the media as well as fashionistas, who describe Malili as a “trend-setter” in the industry.

Malili studied in the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. In 1998 she opened her first boutique in  Colombia and has expanded her brand through various countries including  Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and the United States.

She has been able to blend European style creations and ideas with local Colombian delicate hand manufacturing techniques to bring forth her creativity in each piece of jewelry.

The magic of my craft is to be able to design and create a unique piece charged with Colombian (Indian) heritage that can be easily accepted and admired by women everywhere.

In addition to silver, bronze and gold, Malili uses natural materials such as the colorful mopa-mopa, wood, seeds, tagua, fique and macramé.
Her recent collection Fundamental, is based on emeralds both polished and raw.  Each piece is unique, each stone is unique.

Malili Otoya is committed to her community and has participated in several different projects with local foundations. Currently, her main projects are with Valle en Paz, a local foundation, where she actively participates in guiding the artisans in their design and helping them sell their products.